I’ve been thinking a lot about how we do things around here, what’s important, and how this work can actually help people. I decided to write down some of the principles or philosophy guiding the newsletter, blog, and any other work that I do with Eat Better Food.

1. Health first with a focus on natural solutions

To me this represents two things:

  1. The goal here is to get people healthy; truly, deeply healthy. At the cellular level, having your body work at its absolute best. And the path is a focus on natural solutions: using nutrition and lifestyle changes (like exercise and stress reduction), not using medication.
  2. Eat Better Food is not about losing weight, or burning fat. Eat Better Food is about being so f***ing healthy that you feel amazing every single day. Losing weight or burning fat may be a side effect, but it’s not the end goal.

To be clear, I also want to be focused on facts and science. We will follow the latest research and be guided by what works for each of us as individuals.

2. Access for everyone

The goal is for the newsletter to always be free. I will be offering up a lot of information in these newsletters that I hope helps people.

Often, I will be recommending different products that I use. I’m trying so many things that I think other people will enjoy. At the same time, sometimes these product recommendations might be costly and out of reach for some readers. Even some of the lifestyle changes could be out difficult for some people to implement.

As often as possible, I will recommend free or cheap alternatives to the more expensive products that I may be trying or have had recommended to me.

I want as much of what I’m writing as possible to be accessible to everyone.

3. Individualized

Nothing in health and nutrition is one-size-fits-all. Everything is individual. Your experiences, ancestry, health history, and current health play a huge role it what will and what will not work for you.

Not everything that I write about will work for everyone, and that’s ok! Try the things that you (and your doctor) feel are appropriate. Test and see what works. It’s not all going to work.

That’s the path that I’m on, and that I think we’re all going to take to reach the best place for ourselves. Along the way I’ll try to give tips on how to do this testing and learning.