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Should you eat meat?

I grew up vegetarian, so my whole life I was biased towards thinking a vegetarian diet is the healthier way to live. At 19 years old, I decided to try meat and have been eating meat since then.

I’ve always thought about returning to vegetarianism, the rationale being that it’s healthier and better for the environment. Lately, I’m really not so sure that was the right line of thinking.

When looking across a lot of the popular diets nowadays (Keto, Raw Vegan, Carnivore, Paleo, Plant Paradox, etc.) there are a few of commonalities that I see. The truth of the matter is that most of these diets work to make people healthier.

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Some commonalities in these diets:

  • All encourage removal of heavily processed foods and unhealthy oils, and most by design require it
  • Most call for a lot of fresh vegetables
  • Most call for grass fed and wild meats vs grain and corn fed meats
  • Most remove or heavily limit carbohydrates, in particular grains and even legumes

These don’t apply to all of these diets, but these are some commonalities in these diets and many others.

(Personally, I’m suspicious of very extreme diets like Raw Vegan and especially The Carnivore diet, but some people sweat by it!)

Paleo food pyramid
Image credit :thepaleomon.com

At the end of the day, all of these diets are probably getting some things right: more veggies, less highly processed foods, a diversity of ingredients, fewer carbs and more fats. And these things might just be fundamental to our health.

Meat may not be the enemy, but a when the animal’s diet consists of corn and antibiotics, and then we fry it up in soybean oil, it becomes the enemy. Meats can be healthy, but you have to be picky.

In fact, there are many nutrients that are difficult to get from a solely plant-based diet. As a kid I loved to eat lots of vegetarian foods: Morning Star Farms Grillers, Frosted Flakes, Eggo Waffles, and Reese’s, but, I’m getting the sense that none of these should be in my diet.

I’ve been thinking recently that sticking to very high quality, minimally processed foods, that mimic as much as possible what our bodies were evolved to eat, is probably the best route to go. That includes some amount of high-quality meat and fish, and for me it definitely includes way way more fresh vegetables and fruits.

What do you think? Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

What I’m eating

Both of these recipes are very easy to make, and tasty.

  • Honey Sriracha Salmon – This is straight out of the book Eat Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. Salmon is loaded with healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s cannot be produced by the body and are essential for the bodies processes.
  • Egg and Avocado Salad – Also filled with healthy fats, micronutrients, and omega-3s. I substitute the mayo for avocado-mayo, and I’ve also done it with EVOO and vinegar. I’ll put this into a romaine lettuce rap and top with hot sauce.

What I’m listening to

New tool I’m trying

Veristable – This is an app which tracks your blood glucose levels. It pairs with a medical device that you place into your arm. Clearly, this one is a little bit higher commitments than some of the other tools I’ve mentioned so far, but it could be helpful if you’ve noticed large bursts of energy and fatigue in your day to day. You may be able to identify times where something you ate caused a crash. The app also allows you to track meals so it can understand how glucose levels changed over the next 2 hrs.

For example, below is a screenshot of my blood glucose levels spiking after eating a meal.

I’m only a few days in to wearing this now, so I’ll probably write up more about it and any insights that I’ve gathered from wearing it. I’m thinking of doing this for 30 days.

veristable (veri) app for blood glucose tracking review

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