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Deep dive on food additives


The focus this week is on common food additives that you may want to avoid. I’m starting with 4, and will do another newsletter in the future on others.

Eating only whole foods can be really hard…packaged foods, sauces, and snacks make it easier to eat during the week, but packaged foods often come with questionable food additives. I try to make sure that I read the labels and can actually pronounce the ingredients.

You can also use the EWG food scores to find common packaged foods and see if they’re really edible. Below are 4 food additives that you can start cutting out today. 

Four food additives to avoid

  1. Food dyes: Blue #1 and #2, Red #3 and #40, Yellow #6: Many food dyes which are still legal in the US are illegal in other countries because they’re likely carcinogens or lead to chromosomal damage (source). Dyes are extremely common, and some of the bad ones are probably sitting in your cabinet. I didn’t want to have to do this…but Cheez Its just might be more dye than cheese (it’s not actually that bad, but I don’t remember cheese being blue.)
  1. High fructose corn syrup: HFCS is a highly refined artificial sweetener that is cheaper, sweeter, and probably more common than regular sugar. HFCS can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, and it often shows up in places that you wouldn’t expect. For example, your favorite ketchup sneaks it into their recipe
  1. Natural flavors + artificial flavors: I don’t trust anything in my food that says “flavor” and you shouldn’t either.  I’d definitely skip the HFCS before this, but they’re probably worth trying to avoid and leaving this behind will help you cut out a lot of unnecessary ultra-processed foods. It was hard, but I recently opted for Spindrift sparkling water over LaCroix for this very reason.
  1. Sodium Benzoate: This isn’t your average sodium. Sodium Benzoate is a preservative added to carbonated beverages and things like dressings. Unfortunately, it’s also linked to ADHD and Cancer. You’ll find this snuck into foods and you might see it as benzoic acid, benzene or benzoate. Know that just because it has “farms” in the name doesn’t make it healthy. 

Check your pantry. You’ll probably find these in there. See if you can find some of these on labels the next time you’re buying food…and maybe find an alternative. 

I’m going to follow up soon about Gum additives. I’ve been seeing these in so many products lately and we need to get to the bottom of it. Look out for that. 

A recipe

Kale, beet, and quinoa bowl recipe

With a focus on whole foods, I’ve got a recipe this week for a simple and tasty bowl. 

See the full recipe here. This recipe is very easy, full of color, vitamins and nutrients. 

  • Lightly sauteed kale
  • Roasted beets and carrots
  • Quinoa
  • Homemade tahini dressing

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Three reads

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