This is a summary of some of my favorite health and nutrition tips. I wrote this up originally for the newsletter, but I thought this would be great to post to the blog so everyone could get the benefit.

There are so many reasons to focus on these 5 tips for optimizing your health. The 5th is the most important and it makes every other decision around your health easier so really consider that one.

Top 5 health tips:

  1. Breathe out of your nose (for real!)
  2. Eat all the colors of the rainbow
  3. Remove or reduce ultra processed foods from your diet
  4. Remove or reduce sugar intake
  5. Find a why (yes!)

Here’s a bit more detail on each of these health tips.

1. Breathe out of our nose

I bet you weren’t expecting this one to be first on the list, but I thought I would start with something different. Nose breathing is know to have a host of benefits, and I would really encourage you to listen to this podcast about it which made me a convert to mouth taping ūüôÉ. 

Let’s start with the scary part, breathing through your mouth is associated with: asthma, tooth decay, bad breath, sleep apnea, snoring, gum inflammation, and more.

Can you believe your dentist hasn’t mentioned this?

So here are some of the benefits:

  • Better sleep, improving¬†sleep apnea and snoring
  • Filtering and humidifying¬†of your air
  • Feeling calmer, reduced anxiety
  • Better teeth / mouth health
  • Lowering your risk of allergies
  • and more!

Checkout the exercises at the end of this article. The keys to better health in my book are: diet, exercise, sleep, and breathing.

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2. Eat all the colors of the rainbow

Here is a simple one. Get more whole foods and get a wider variety. Try to eat all of the colors of the rainbow every week or even every day!

A variety of foods is a huge benefit to your microbiome, but it also helps to ensure that you’re getting a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Every time you go to the super market or famers market, try something new! Switch out the kale for swiss chard! Switch out the carrots for beets! Try a kiwi! 

I would also try to incorporate foods that are dried, fermented, pickled, or brined. That can help you eat a wider variety and get more good gut bacteria. 

Please focus on buying organic when possible, as the pesticides are bad for your microbiome. Checkout the list here for some ideas on colorful foods

3. Reducing (eliminating) ultra processed foods + reading labels

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, and it’s just so important that it had to be said. 

If it took 100 steps for your ingredients to get in the package, and you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients, it’s probably not good for you. Hell, I love a bag of Cheetos, but they’re on my no-no list (except for road trips). 

Just start reading labels, and buy as many fresh ingredients as you can. So many items now-a-days are sneaking in unwanted ingredients. For example, even the “healthy + organic” nut butters are sneaking in palm oil here and there. I just need the nuts! 

Here’s a good guide to get you started, but watch out especially for the next one on my list: added sugar. 

4. Reducing added sugars

Check the back of your favorite ketchup and you’ll find high fructose corn syrup, which basically just turns directly into belly fat. 

Sugar lacks nutritional value and is added to all of the ultra processed foods we love. It’s so good though! We love it! 

Too much sugar, and in particular the high amount of sugar we’re consuming in highly processed foods can lead to everything from mood swings to diabetes. Find healthier replacements for sugar, but I’d even try to keep those to a minimum. 

Sometimes if I’m craving a sweet, I’ll just eat a date or have an apple with peanut butter. That usually satisfies my craving and has the added nutrients to boot. I’ll definitely share more recipes in the newsletter. 

5. Find a why

This is important and not often talked about. Why do you want to do this? Why did you sign up for this newsletter? Or if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter: what haven’t you?! (THANK YOU!) 

For me, it’s that I want to feel good. I just want to feel alert, have lots of energy, be in a better mood with my friends and family, and perform better at work. I want to go to the doctor less. So much less. I’m done with medication! 

Every day, I read my “why” to myself to make sure I remember why I’m doing this, and it keeps me motivated! I think we all need that.

That’s it for me, what is it for you? Drop a comment and me know!

  • cutting down your sugar intake helps your body in the long term health .
    its also better for people to always take sugar moderately because it is very addictive . i have almost reached the peak where i need to double the amount of sugar normally you need to taste the sweetness.. >_<

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